Hi there,Hows it going? Do you love going to thrift stores? ME? yes, I do. Despite the fact that I am kinda allergic to the stores and sneeze a lot, I still go there. :)Anyhow, I found this awesome bag for $3.99 at some thrift store in Vegas while waiting for our car getting oil changed. And I am in love with this bag.I wore it yesterday when we headed to Vegas for my Hubby’s work. (“headed” because we didn’t actually get to go there because my hubby’s assignment got cancelled so we came back from half way to Vegas)

bag/thrift,shoes/Victor ville mall, dress/target, belt/thrift
Yup, this is our backyard. Trying to enjoy a little bit of our mountain
view (with no trees). Actually it kind of looks pretty during sun rise
and sunset. I know….there’s, nothing much going on :(. I love luscious
mountains. Why do you think we go out every weekend? hahaa… On the
good side, we are at least glad that it’s close to other things.

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