Happy Anniversary to my dear Hubby. 3 yrs :) of happy adventures together..
I would like to re-share my diy for this special occasion, if u haven’t seen it ;)


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If you want to plan an affordable wedding and diy your own center pieces for your special event.. read along :))

My wedding reception was in December 2010. And in Nebraska so imagine the weather there. (The weather in Nebraska is very unpredictable and extreme). We did a court marriage in 2009, and our reception in Dec 2010.
I decided to do my wedding reception in very short period of time. I mean very short. About three months to prepare for everything (DIY invitation cards, center pieces, bouquet for my brides maids, boutonnieres(didn’t even know what it was until I had to make one), and tulle skirts for five little girls). Luckily, I had very helpful friends and in-laws. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you!
The entire time my hubby was in Korea for a remote tour…

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