Easy diy glitter nail polish

I meant to do this a while ago (when I did my other diy glitter nail polish). Sorry took forever to do it. I tend to juggle too many balls at the same time and find it hard to finish.cheap and easy way to do diy nail polish. Less messy compared to my other glitter diy :)
I didn’t realize that I was using similar colors.
You will need glitters (i got mine from Michaels)
cheap clear nail polish (accept my was but that’s okai, I will be mixing different colors of glitter)
piece of paper (i used printing paper) and a tape to make a funnel

Make the cone wider on the top so it’s easy for you to pour your glitter. I used three colors, light blue, darker blue and brown. (you can use as many :) that’s the fun part)

After adding in your glitters, shake it well…

And Voila!! your own glitter nail polish.

more brown.

more blue


Happy Easter! diy flag eggs

Happy Easter everyone !! Thanks for being a fan :D

IMG_3139We decided to paint some eggs today, for Easter. Luckily, we had two brown eggs left after our large egg breakfast.

My husband painted a US flag on his egg so I decided to paint a Bhutanese flag on my egg because that sounded fun. Anyhow, I am very happy with these results.

Tutorial below: :D

Basically, we just used watercolor paints because I had old ones sitting around not getting used (if you are going out to buy paint just for this project, acrylic paint will work better).

On the Bhutanese egg (the one with the dragon)

Poke holes (make sure the egg yolk is broken) into the top and bottom of the eggs and blow through one of the holes to empty the egg.

1. I painted the colors first (yellow and orange) The picture below is my husband starting on his flag.


2. Then let it dry for few minutes,

3. I printed out a small Bhutanese flag (about 2 inches wide) and cut the dragon out of the center while my egg was drying.

4. I then drew the scales on the little paper dragon (the lines were not clear since the picture was too small) with an extra fine pilot pen (these are awesome pens for drawing, I have several other colors). They are available at walmart, or target.

5. I used a flat paint brush (any shape should work) to apply Mod Podge on the back of my little cut paper dragon to paste it on top of the egg.

6. Then apply one coat of Mod Podge with a medium/large paint brush over the surface of the egg to secure it. DO NOT go over the same area twice (unless you are using acrylic paint), because you will make the paint run. (my husband made this mistake and had to redo his whole egg coz’ ended up breaking. :) )  He had to go buy a new carton of eggs because we didn’t have any eggs left, remember, I mentioned that we had only two brown eggs left? :)

IMG_3108IMG_31157. Let the eggs dry and you are done!!

Coincidentally (an Easter Miracle) there were only white eggs left at the store so in the end the eggs came out brown for me and white for my husband! ;)

Diy your own unique glitter nail color

Hi there, I just thought about this glitter nail diy idea and I wanted to do it right away because this was something I could do it right away. I have this black and brown glitter from my other projects. I used those glitters and my Wet n Wild megalast nail color. What I love about this Megalast nail color is that it has flat brush and it’s very easy and fast to put it on. Of course, they have beautiful colors to choose from. Anyways, here is how I made my own glitter nail polish. It is great because you can use any color for your base coat and you can choose your glitter color.
1. Mix black and brown/gold glitter in a small bowl. OR IF you want only one glitter color, dip your finger after step 2.

Ugly doll inspired ornament!

Hello there,
How have you been???? :p hope you had a great Christmas and a new year! Sorry :( took me forever to come back to it. I am still on my vacation :). I hand made a Christmas ornament and Wanted to share it with you. These were made last minute for the Christmas ornament swap with my husbands family.
If you like it or are interested to know how to make one for your own, send me a message or comment :)



diy Bhutanese textile/tribal print bracelet.

Hi there,
How’s it going people? Hope ur day is awesome. If not, I hope it gets better!!:D Remember the tribal print diy boots, I made few days ago? well, check it out. :)
Anyhow, I made a bracelet out of the left over print I had from my diy tribal boots.
Yep, that’s how much I love the Bhutanese textile. It is valuable because it’s hand woven and each pattern is hand picked. In this video, she is weaving a kira, our Bhutanese National dress for Women. The print is so beautiful!!!

Made with leftover textile fabric from my diy boots,
8mm pyramid studs,
modpodge: slather around the bracelet to hold the textile thread from coming out.
magnetic bracelet clasp.

:) hope you like it! Happy DIY! Have a great day!
Examples of Bhutanese Textile:

diy color block pants!

I want to lose weight but I love food. hahaa.. I know this sounds pathetic and sounds far from what my topic says.  But that’s where my idea came from (color block pants). I have gained more than 15lbs since I moved here and I have too many skinny jeans which I cannot wear but I don’t want to throw them away, plus I am trying to lose weight. I was thinking about what I could do to my old pants to fit me while trying to sleep at night (where most of my creative thoughts are thought during my sleeping time). Light bulb! I can just cut out my old pants and add to another and make a color block pants.Of course, I googled the next morning and yeah, found color block pants already out there. I think i will make more in those colors. They are pretty.

1. Rip it apart

3. cut the legs of your old pants into a you want your color block to be.