Paro Taktsang, Tiger’s nest: Bhutan

I visited Bhutan after eight long years
in 2011. I went for a month but it felt like it wasn’t enough time. I will have to
extend up to 2-3 months on my next visit.
While I was there, I hiked up to Taktsang and various other temples in Paro. I always wanted to go to Taktsang when I was living in Bhutan but never had the chance to. Unfortunately I could not go there before the fire destroyed the top part of Taktsang in 1998. But they repaired it really well. Taktsang also known as Tiger’s nest is a very popular tourist area in Bhutan. It is located in Paro, which makes it very convenient for our tourists to visit because our only international airport is located in Paro. From the bottom to the entrance of
Taktsang, it is about 2-3 hours hike uphill or you can rent a horse like my dad
did for about $15.00. Personally, I would not recommend riding back on a horse
downhill because the saddle rubs up on the horse and it is torture for them.  If you are hiking with shorts, remember to bring a pair of pants with you because you will not be able to enter inside the temple if you are showing your knees (for women only). I took a half kira (modern traditional dress) in my bag. If you would like to make an offering to the temple, you can buy some incense sticks, Dalda (substitution for butter) or even flags to tie on the outside of the temple.  I had a great experience and it was like a dream. It felt like I achieved a great accomplishment when I got up there. It is so beautiful!!!
If you would like to travel to Bhutan and experience the beauty and peacefulness, please visit my other page.
Also, I was very excited when I recently discovered a great travel guide at a local Barnes and Noble bookstore.  It is called Bhutan by the Lonely Planet.  There was only one copy at the store I visited so it may be a tough find.  It was a great book and had lots of detailed information about visiting Bhutan, I highly recommend it.
Passportchop has some great tips on how to
ride a horse up and down the hiking trail.

“It is a small monastery hung far up on
a cliff overlooking a spectacular valley. It is also one of thirteen small
monasteries or “tigers lairs” where the Guru Rinpoche or “Precious Master” also
known as the “Second Buddha” of Bhutan is said to have meditated.”Cont..
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While coming back from our journey, we saw some Golden Langurs too.



Boardwalk at Big Bear

Two weeks back, we went to Big bear for some fresh air and trees. Our initial plan was to go to the Eureka Sand dunes In Death valley but it was too late in the afternoon since my husband had to work in the morning. We stayed there for few hours and drove back the same day. We were super stoked to find a Nepali/Tibetan restaurant. Well.. We went back last weekend when my cousin visited us. Of course, went to the same restaurant again for some more momos (Nepali/Bhutanese/Tibetan dumplings).
Pictures from the boardwalk.
Always little chilly at the mountain near the lake so I paired with a thin shirt from Loft (worn here) and leggins with some comfy shoes. These sketchers are actually ten years old….I don’t keep shoes for that long but I like the style. we met some puppies with their owners, loved this brown puppy called Mr. Brown. He made me happy :D

These cute little duckies was coming towards him thinking he had something to offer :( (Will def. remember to take some bread next time).

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Emerald bay and Heavenly mountains, Lake Tahoe!!!

I loved it, absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of back home whenever I see mountains. We don’t have big lakes like that and we would have to hike up there in the mountains but the view is equally amazing.

Hubby had a four-day weekend so I wanted to go somewhere different this time than just go to beach. Plus I have started enjoying snowboarding now. Even though, it was miserable on my first day because my then boy friend (now hubby) made a mistake of taking me on the blue route down the whole mountain in CO. ARG! Anyways, I am better now and I actually have started enjoying. 

We went to Heavenly Mountains. A couple told us that even though the Heavenly Mountains wasn’t the best mountain to ski down, it had the best view. The Blue terrain down the hill was little bit challenging for me but it did have a gorgeous view. I think that you should try once because the view is worth it :). The same couple also told us about Emerald Bay so we had a couple of hours with us to visit before we headed back home. 

At a near by par

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Through the clouds up in the sky!

It was a beau..tiful ride back home after the vacation. I had a wonderful flight from NE to Phoenix. In my opinion, people of Nebraska are friendlier than any other states. But, I felt it even more this time on the way to Phoenix from NE. I had an empty seat in between but the woman next to the empty seat was talking to a man in the next row the entire flight. The people on the back of my seat were talking, the people sitting in front of my seat were talking. Overall, it was a happy flight. I enjoyed the spirit of those people. And I also enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful scenery beneath me. It was amazing to see how the landscape changed, even though, they looked really close to each other. Some parts were totally dry while some of the parts were snowing.Have a lovely day and enjoy the pictures!!

Remembering Kolkata (Calcutta).

When I went to Bhutan to see my family, me and my dad visited my late Grandpa in Calcutta, who was living with my aunt. The weather in Calcutta was awful. I never imagined that the weather would be that humid in september. My dad was there earlier in May during one of the hottest days and still was not used to the Calcutta heat. Phew! I was sweating like crazy, every single second. Unfortunately, there was no AC in the house because it is expensive. We still managed by occasionally taking a cold shower and the fan helped.

When we got there my grandpa was sitting in the living room waiting for his son (his eldest and only son). My aunt said that he had been sitting there since 7 in the morning waiting for my dad.

We were happy to see him. I hugged my grandpa and he said, “whats up with your hair (because it was still reddish from trying to dye black from blonde), and what are you wearing”? I was wondering what he would have said, if I had not dyed my hair back to black from blonde. (because, few months back, I had gone blonde). I was wearing a knee high dress. Later, my dad explained that back then, women didn’t wear anything above knee level and he had a feeling that my grandpa might say something. That explains it and of course, our national dress covers us from neck down to our toes.

Here’s my dad and my goofy grandpa!

Day is cycle a ideal much for travel !

yup, this is exactly what this shirt says. Got this from Korea couple yrs. ago when I visited my hubby, who was stationed there at that time. Just wanted to share this coz’ its funny. :P I wonder if they just typed their words in Google and used whatever translation came up. :)
Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend! :)
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