Paro Taktsang, Tiger’s nest: Bhutan

I visited Bhutan after eight long years
in 2011. I went for a month but it felt like it wasn’t enough time. I will have to
extend up to 2-3 months on my next visit.
While I was there, I hiked up to Taktsang and various other temples in Paro. I always wanted to go to Taktsang when I was living in Bhutan but never had the chance to. Unfortunately I could not go there before the fire destroyed the top part of Taktsang in 1998. But they repaired it really well. Taktsang also known as Tiger’s nest is a very popular tourist area in Bhutan. It is located in Paro, which makes it very convenient for our tourists to visit because our only international airport is located in Paro. From the bottom to the entrance of
Taktsang, it is about 2-3 hours hike uphill or you can rent a horse like my dad
did for about $15.00. Personally, I would not recommend riding back on a horse
downhill because the saddle rubs up on the horse and it is torture for them.  If you are hiking with shorts, remember to bring a pair of pants with you because you will not be able to enter inside the temple if you are showing your knees (for women only). I took a half kira (modern traditional dress) in my bag. If you would like to make an offering to the temple, you can buy some incense sticks, Dalda (substitution for butter) or even flags to tie on the outside of the temple.  I had a great experience and it was like a dream. It felt like I achieved a great accomplishment when I got up there. It is so beautiful!!!
If you would like to travel to Bhutan and experience the beauty and peacefulness, please visit my other page.
Also, I was very excited when I recently discovered a great travel guide at a local Barnes and Noble bookstore.  It is called Bhutan by the Lonely Planet.  There was only one copy at the store I visited so it may be a tough find.  It was a great book and had lots of detailed information about visiting Bhutan, I highly recommend it.
Passportchop has some great tips on how to
ride a horse up and down the hiking trail.

“It is a small monastery hung far up on
a cliff overlooking a spectacular valley. It is also one of thirteen small
monasteries or “tigers lairs” where the Guru Rinpoche or “Precious Master” also
known as the “Second Buddha” of Bhutan is said to have meditated.”Cont..
Have a lovely day! Hope you enjoyed my post!!

While coming back from our journey, we saw some Golden Langurs too.



Bhutanese Ema_Datsi

Ema_Datsi the national dish!
For all the spicy food lovers :P……., I wanted to share this special, very simple recipe with you. This is one of my favorites and also happens to be my national dish.
Its dried red Bhutanese chili. It is very spicy and very tasty but not as spicy as habanero chili. Ema datsi (pronounced as  Ema Dah’ t’shee). Unfortunately, we do not get it here but using dried red Mexican chili or dried Yidu red chili should work. For those kind, you will have to cook couple minutes more since they are thicker than Bhutanese chili.
1. Wear some plastic gloves and shred the chilies (6 chilis for one person since my husband does not eat spicy) with your fingers into an inch size.
2. In a pan/pot, heat about 2 table spoon of butter and before it melts, add garlic and stir for couple of minutes until it turns brownish.
3.After the garlic is little golden brown, add the chilies, salt and stir to coat the butter. Add 1/4 cup of water or less and cover for one minute or two. About 3-4 for Chinese or Mexican thicker red chillies.
4. After couple of minutes, when the chilis are little cooked, add about a table spoon of parmasen cheese and stir.
5. Right after that, add a slice of American cheese, cover it and turn the gas off.
After couple of minutes, as the cheese melts away, just give it a stir and serve with rice.


Bhutan, the heaven
Visiting my home country after 8 years(visited in August end. 2011) felt awesome and almost surreal. 
The reason why I stated as “the heaven” is that when I was checking in at LA airport, the staff wasn’t aware of Bhutan. There was a stranger next to me and he knew about it. He said that he heard of it as, the heaven.. It was pretty awesome to hear that.
Drukair breakfast
Very good breakfast. Lot of choices. Well you will see it on the picture below. looks delicious, doesn’t it. I am not a fan of airplane food but this was good. I am flying Drukair after 8 plus years so def. Improved or mayb I have gotten used to air plane food and vatities of food. And of course, because of it, I have put on few lbs. I weighed only 95lb for a 5’1″ girl in 2003. I don’t remember eating their food..when I travelled to US. In general you gain weight when you get to US. So many choices of food and mainly the portion is so big. I am a self made victim of that. Hoping that I Might loose some lbs/kgs when I am in Bhutan :)