Boardwalk at Big Bear

Two weeks back, we went to Big bear for some fresh air and trees. Our initial plan was to go to the Eureka Sand dunes In Death valley but it was too late in the afternoon since my husband had to work in the morning. We stayed there for few hours and drove back the same day. We were super stoked to find a Nepali/Tibetan restaurant. Well.. We went back last weekend when my cousin visited us. Of course, went to the same restaurant again for some more momos (Nepali/Bhutanese/Tibetan dumplings).
Pictures from the boardwalk.
Always little chilly at the mountain near the lake so I paired with a thin shirt from Loft (worn here) and leggins with some comfy shoes. These sketchers are actually ten years old….I don’t keep shoes for that long but I like the style. we met some puppies with their owners, loved this brown puppy called Mr. Brown. He made me happy :D

These cute little duckies was coming towards him thinking he had something to offer :( (Will def. remember to take some bread next time).

Have a great week!!! :)



Casual outfit of the day.

Hi there, how have you been? my vacation has been busy visiting friends and family. I am going back home tomorrow so last day with my cuz’. We went to the Korean food because she had been craving for a Korean food. And later to Home Goods. The goods in there are so cute!!!! Took a bunch of pictures of
soap :) love the design and packaging.
I wore my thrifted shirt dress, shoes/call it spring, leatherjacket/target, H&M leggings The weather was beautiful, compared to last week.
Have a great day :)


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Day is cycle a ideal much for travel !

yup, this is exactly what this shirt says. Got this from Korea couple yrs. ago when I visited my hubby, who was stationed there at that time. Just wanted to share this coz’ its funny. :P I wonder if they just typed their words in Google and used whatever translation came up. :)
Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend! :)
See you soon!! Muah!!



Hi there,Hows it going? Do you love going to thrift stores? ME? yes, I do. Despite the fact that I am kinda allergic to the stores and sneeze a lot, I still go there. :)Anyhow, I found this awesome bag for $3.99 at some thrift store in Vegas while waiting for our car getting oil changed. And I am in love with this bag.I wore it yesterday when we headed to Vegas for my Hubby’s work. (“headed” because we didn’t actually get to go there because my hubby’s assignment got cancelled so we came back from half way to Vegas)